Social Media

The most powerful tool at our fingertips; social media is one of the best ways to interact with your customers, and attract new ones. Great social media content will be shared, increasing your exposure and maximising the impact of your digital marketing budget.

Zanewell Media can help. We are social media experts and we know what works in front of the right audience, with the right message, within the right budget.



With more than half the world now on Facebook, it is so key that your business is a part of it's network.

We have built up many Facebook pages in the past by creating engaging posts and putting together some paid adverts to reach more people and, more importantly, potential customers.




A place where you can visually represent your brand and reach even more people.

Photos and videos can reach a limitless amount of people on Instagram through the power of hashtags. The more engagement, the better chance of new people seeing what you post.



Creating hashtags, responding to feedback, hosting competitions; let us take care of it all.

Communicating with your followers and finding new ways reach more of them is possible. We know how to do it and we get satisfaction from building up your business presence in the social media world.